Ukrainian American Coordinating Council

is a non-partisan not-for-profit national umbrella organization uniting many Ukrainian American organizations in advocating for over 1,000,000 Americans of Ukrainian descent
Ukrainian American Coordinating Council
Ukrainian American Coordinating Council


Ukrainian-Americans for a Good Cause

Together with our partners we support Ukraine through various humanitarian projects

Humanitarian Aid

We promote Ukrainian culture and encourage diaspora in the US to join us

Cultural Affairs

We established Ukrainian Hub to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs through various educational programs and opportunities

Business Affairs

We are working with various government agencies and politicians in the United States to promote the Ukrainian-American agenda

Political Affairs


United Community is a Strong Community

Since the early 1960’s, we’ve worked together with our partners both nationally and internationally on developing sustainable and enduring communities all over the United States. Our goal is to encourage Ukrainian-Americans join our organization and participate in support of Ukraine and the Diaspora as well as support other Ukrainian organizations and help them grow.

We are always open for new ideas, volunteers and partners! We are making Ukrainian-American communities United and Strong!

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We love to celebrate all things Ukrainian! Whether you are interested in Ukraine's Independence Day, Holodomor commemorations, Shevchenko, Holidays, Dance groups, we have something for everyone. Want to volunteer?! We have plenty of opportunities and internships.


We are proud to partner with other Ukrainian-American organizations while building strong relations through collaborative projects, fundraisers and community partnerships. We invite all Ukrainian organizations to explore new opportunities and partner with us!


Here at UACC, we’ve been fighting for Ukraine for several generations and we will continue to support Ukraine in all ways possible. We support a vast range of causes, projects and activism and we are always open for new ideas.

Ukrainian American Coordinating Council
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