I help my clients (startups, small companies, entrepreneurs) to solve one of the most important tasks: to stand out from the rest of their competitors with the help of well-thought presentation strategy and effective design.
UI and web designer
Owners of MS Partners contacted me with a request to create a web site. The main goal of the site was to present that company on the market, show their competency, and attract new clients.

The style of the site should emphasize their solidity, seriousness, inspire confidence, but everything should be as clear and understandable as possible.

During the discussion of the project with my clients, it was decided that a target audience were business owners, mainly IT. They needed legal support to open branches in Europe or the USA, and to solve other business issues.

Based on the wishes and discussions, the following proposals were made - the site should have a simple and concise structure with convenient navigation, clear content and include the following sections:

- brief information about the company and partners
- a list of legal services
- a blog with experts' articles
- contact information and company address

Since the company customers are busy people and they perceive information quickly and diagonally, it was proposed to build the first page by principles of storytelling where every screen presents a single logical block. While scrolling the page, the client gets acquainted with the company, its business statistics, customer reviews, mission and principles of work. Therefore, a more trustful relationship is built.

The solidity of the company was conveyed through high-quality professional photos of partners in an open pose against the background of the color of marsala. That color is associated with reliability and solidity. Exactly that emotion was necessary to reflect in the style of the site.

Trust is formed through the openness of information about partners, the mission of the company, customer feedback.

Clarity and professionalism are formed by understandable texts about complex services and logical structure.

Unusual layout and interactive elements help the site to stand out from competitors and emphasize its novelty.
MS Partners is a law company that provides legal services around the world.
All pages of this project are adapted for mobile devices